Because a good wood bat shouldn’t cost $200.

So, here’s the deal. There are no magic forests. Don’t believe the bat makers that tell you otherwise. And guess what else, most bat makers are buying their wood from the same mills anyway. So do you really want to pay a $160 mark-up for some paint? That’s absurd. Don’t be absurd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you offer your bats so cheap?
Bats are cut in just 2-4 minutes. Most of what you pay for is finishing time and labor. We cut out what’s unnecessary and pass the savings on to you!
What kind of wood?
Maple. It’s the hardest.
At this price, how do I know it really is good wood?
We only use prime, split maple billets. Billets from hand-split logs are the best raw material available because they lead to the straightest grain. Straighter grain means stronger wood (and better endurance).
Okay, so you use splits, but are they ink-dot tested?
Yes. We ink dot test all our bats for straight grain. If they don’t pass the test, they don’t go out the door. No crooked wood.
Do you bone your wood?
Yes. We bone. It makes for very hard wood.
Can I customize these bats?
Nope. That’s the point. Not everyone wants to pay a ridiculous upcharge for paint and engraving. These bats are fresh off the lathe ready to rake.
Any warranty?
Wood bats break, that’s just reality. So why pay the extra $100+ for finishes that add no durability? If a bat maker tells you they have a special finish that keeps a bat from breaking, maybe they can sell you a unicorn, too 🙂 No warranties.
Do you offer volume discounts?

Yep, coupon code “FIVE” for 5-9 bats for $5 off each, or “TEN” for 10+ bats for $10 off a piece. Want wholesale pricing, but don’t need ten bats? It is time for you to join the #swingersclub! Click the menu link at the top of the page for incredible pricing!

How should I care for my bat?
Like you would a beautiful baby. Keep it inside, and out of your car on hot summer days. Preferably around 40-50% humidity. Oh, and trademark up when you’re in the box.

Other questions?