Why is swinging Naked such a delightful experience?

1. It’s liberating. Honestly, how can you go wrong getting a pro grade piece of maple for under $100?

2. We’ve got incredibly hard wood. Just listen to the sound of our lumber and we know you’ll agree.

3. Superior quality. We use only prime grade maple, drawn from split billets. This is the best raw material on the market today. Have more questions? Feel free to email us.

4. Blemish-free. The best part about swinging Naked wood bats is that you can see the quality of the wood with your own eyes. You can hide a lot of flaws with a painted bat, but not with a Naked Bat. We have nothing to hide!

5. Quick shipping. An added benefit to a clean, natural bat is that we can get it manufactured and out the door without having to wait, literally, for paint to dry. This also means you’ll never see a crazy upcharge from us for expedited shipping.

And, by the way, when you swing Naked, you’re joining an elite group. A brotherhood, really.

The #swingersclub.

Swing on, swingers!