Naked Wood Bats – Model 423


The 423 is the hardest naked wood bat we have in our line-up, sourced from incredibly hard billets for tons of POP and superior durability. The 423 is for you if you like a thin handle, modestly tapered knob, and a medium barrel. Whether you’re new to wood bats or the seasoned swinger, the 423 is an excellent choice combining durability and power.


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Naked Specs – 423:

  • Wood type: maple
  • Barrel diameter: medium, 2.44″
  • Handle diameter: thin, 0.90″
  • Swing weight: balanced
  • Knob: tapered

Barrel diameter is at bat’s widest point while the handle diameter is at its thinnest point. Leave it as an unfinished wood bat for great pine tar adhesion, or add a clear coat to protect it from the elements.


Naked Bat Co: Hard. Durable. Explosive. 

It’s all about the wood. Many say it, but at Naked Bat Co…WE LIVE IT.

We offer unrivaled wood quality in every gamer we sell. In fact, we refuse to cover up our wood with paint because we believe in transparency. Since our wood isn’t hiding under a coat of paint or stain, you can see the wood quality with your own eyes and head to the plate confidently, ready to rake.

Every. Single. Time.

And the icing on the cake? Your gamers ship FAST. We have your lumber out the door in five business days or less, with no $30 expedited processing fee required.

Elite wood bats. Built for players with elite objectives.

Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 34 × 1.75 × 1.75 in

31.0, 31.5, 32.0, 32.5, 33.0, 33.5, 34.0


-2, -3

Clear Coat

Yes, No