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FAQ // About Us

Who are you guys, anyway??

We are Naked Bat Co., and we're the guys who work our tails off every day to bring you the best bat grips and pro-grade lumber in the game. We are out of central Minnesota, and we eat, sleep, and drink baseball. Just like you.


There are 1,000 bat makers. Why should I swing Naked?

We *actually are* different. The beauty of Naked Bat Co is three-fold:

1. Quality - you will find no better wood on the market. Anywhere. When you purchase your Naked bat, you'll see, feel, and hear the difference immediately. And best of all, you don't have to take our word for it...with no thick coats of paint covering up the lumber, you can see the grain quality with your own eyes.

2. Affordability - since we save time and labor by bypassing customization on our wood bats, we get you true, pro-grade quality at an incredible price. For perspective, were we to customize our bats, they would be priced comfortably north of $200. Instead, you get them for $129.95.

3. Speed - the other benefit of swinging Naked - the real icing on the cake - is we get you your new lumber FAST, typically five business days or less. No more 4 week wait times that burn through half your season. Naked FTW.


Tell me about your wood.

Hard, durable, and naturally gorgeous maple. We use only prime grade, split billets. This is the finest raw material available on the market today. All bats receive - and pass - the MLB pro ink dot test. Naked Nation is demanding, and we make sure every bat answers the call.


What are your turnaround times?

Like we said, FAST. Typically shipped in 5 business days or less. Oh, and we don't charge $30 for this expedited processing either.


Can you help pick the right model for me?

Absolutely. Just shoot an email to and we can set up a custom bat fitting.


Are your bats cupped?

We cup all our bats. If you don't want a cup, just plug it in the order notes and your lumber will be cup-free.


Do you have other models?

Yep, a bunch of 'em. Just get a hold of us here and we can discuss what you're looking for in your wood bat.


Do you have a warranty?

No. Wood bats break. It's the nature of the beast. It could be on the first swing, it could be four seasons from purchase. The best way to keep a wood bat from breaking is barreling up.


Do you do bulk discounts?

If you're interested in orders of 12 or more bats let's chat


Do you offer gift cards?

Sure do, click here!

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